The last time I photographed my cousin, Serena, was the first time I photographed another person with the intent of creating portraits. What resulted were some very angsty, gloomy shots in the rain that have since been lost *cringe* in a broken hardrive. Somewhere on the internet those over-edited, moody photos exist, and if I ever find them, you’ll all be the first to laugh at see them. ;)

Serena and I headed out to the hills behind her house, just after sunset and got some simple shots. Recently she’s been modelling for my good friend Patty Gregory- who’s elegant site is definitely worth a visit! I don’t have to say much about Serena for you to understand why lots of local photographers have indulged in adding her headshots to their portfolios! Love you, cuzzo!


I feel like Jaimee’s collections just get better and better each time I shoot with her! If you haven’t visited her blog yet, now would be the time to! This weekend, we went for a ‘Girl’s Night Out’ look and although the lighting made these photos a bit tricky, her style was on point!

Another shoot with Jaimee in the books! We happened to meet a just the right time and had amazing back lighting from a typical beautiful Cali sunset. This here is my favorite kind of light, and I love that we caught it! Hoping to do a few more creative shoots in the future with Jaim, so stay tuned!


Had a great time at the OC Fair with my good friend and talented artist, Patty Gregory. We went after a bitchin’ workout, and I couldn’t help but feel out of place- and really gross- in my workout clothes amidst all the trendy, flowing outfits every else was wearing. So Californian. Besides just being totally photogenic- think Johnny Depp and brunette Emma Roberts- Emily and Jonathan make a great couple. Thanks for letting me shoot alongside Patty!


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