Goodrich Family

Had a great time back in Chicago with these three. Lindey is a great friend of mine from Wheaton College, and it was a joy to see her husband, Nathaniel, and new baby girl, Alaina. Wish we could have spent more time together, but I always look forward to the next time we will see […]

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Crosby Family

A couple weeks back, and between rows of orange groves and under the hanging branches of weeping willows, you could find me snapping pictures of the Crosby quartet. This is my third time photographing this beautiful family, and I look forward to many more sessions with them in the future! may angels lead you in

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Wah-Mei and JC

Had the pleasure of chasing photographing JC and getting to know Wah-Mei and her son a little better. JC’s energy is endless, but it will prove to be a gift! Not too sure kid’s toys get much better than his tricked out convertible! Take a look below :) malyi

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Jenn + Jordan

Jenn asked Jordan to be her banquet date…and the rest is history! Jenn and I shared many good times together on and off the soccer field, lots of side-splitting laughter, dancing, as well as some ups and downs as we ventured to New York City after graduation. Everyone has that friend who shares niche interests with- Jenn is that […]

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The last time I photographed my cousin, Serena, was the first time I photographed another person with the intent of creating portraits. What resulted were some very angsty, gloomy shots in the rain that have since been lost *cringe* in a broken hardrive. Somewhere on the internet those over-edited, moody photos exist, and if I ever […]

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Girl’s Night

I feel like Jaimee’s collections just get better and better each time I shoot with her! If you haven’t visited her blog yet, now would be the time to! This weekend, we went for a ‘Girl’s Night Out’ look and although the lighting made these photos a bit tricky, her style was on point!

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August 2014

The simplicity, the ahtleticism, the glamour. I couldn’t be happier to see a commercial like this. Gisele and UA get way more points in my book.

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