Greeted back into Chicago by these two for an engagement session followed by a wonderful dinner. Wishing you two many years of love and joy for your upcoming marriage. Can’t wait to see you again in January!


California, here I come!

Incredibly blessed to say that after a year of hopping from part-time job to part-time job, I will now be calling Haven Today my new home. I couldn’t ask to be part of a more grace-filled company, and I am ever thankful for the opportunity that this man along with his colleagues has provided me. It also reunites me with my family after being somewhat on my own for 5 years, which is something my soul needs now more than ever- a fresh start and fellowship with those who love me most. I am very sad to be leaving New York behind, but I know it won’t be my last time taking residence in this city. For now, on to new California adventures!

While in town for my interview, Charles asked me to take some new portraits of him for the Haven website, which I of course happily obliged. I’ve never met someone so hospitable and so full of grace. I look forward to hearing more of his stories and listening to his wisdom.


May angels lead you in,



Summer is starting in New York, and so are the sticky thunderstorms. While talking on the phone with my sister this afternoon I took a peak outside and noticed the sunset peaking through the clouds, creating a warm touch of light on our kitchen. I’m going to miss these storms and the views, but not so much the humidity or winters. Nope, definitely won’t miss the winter.


may angels lead you in



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A college diploma is just a few weeks away for this egyptian beauty- congrats, Allyson! Had to sneak Travis in at Mama Philobos’ request. Thanks for a beautiful shoot, you two! #curlscurlscurls May Angels Lead You In Hil

Found this article from one of my favorite magazines, Fast Company. Worth the read and the discussion to follow. Will more retailers follow Aerie to ‘empower women’ to be ‘real’, or will this campaign join a list of many fads who fail to admit that our society’s ‘Barbie’ obsession actively seeks out such criticized airbrushed ads?

3025443-slide-s-5-real-women-ads-aerie 3025443-slide-s-10-real-women-ads-aerie

Some shots from home around the house with family during Christmas. I can’t tell you how happy I was to be home for so long. Nothing brings me more joy and conviction than my family. My sister can’t wait to hear if I ever get a job back on that side of the country, but we’ll see… ;)

Was shooting with some leftover Ilford (my favorite) from college. It was 100ISO whic look fantastic for anything outside in bright light like the hiking images and the ones I took with Jaimee and Kayla, although I wish I had a higher ISO for the Christmas Eve images.


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